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Travel Light

Travel with Hater and M3GA on her guest blog for us while in Guyana, South America. Click to read more.

Travel Light
Traveling light is wonderful! As long as you have a few essentials, you're all good. I decided to get rid of any expectations I had a couple days into my trip to Guyana and just, let go or shall I say, go with the flow! Getting soaked in the rainforest by Kaieteaur falls wasn't so bad; it felt like mother nature was cleansing me with droplets of her love whilst washing away that weight I carried on my shoulders. Letting my feet sink in the soft sand which might have been quicksand at #63 beach made me feel like I was becoming one with Earth! The Jetty by the seawall was quite magnetic, it was as if it were calling my name, to come closer... and so I walked out knowing fully well that the tide rises (I could have stayed there forever...may not have been a great idea) but I left feeling rewarded. The many people and animals that I came across radiated warm vibrations which I allowed to surround me and I tried to see things from their perspective. I feel recharged and left this place with my heart feeling much heavier than before. I'm no travel guru, but don't forget to travel light, not only by what you pack in your suitcase, but what you pack in your mind as well, and of course, don't forget your hat. This is a pic of me by Stabroek Market AKA The Big Market! #TravelLight #HATerSnapback #M3GALUV #GoWithTheFlow

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