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"You keep the things that bring you joy." Marie Kondo. Get rid of the rest.

This year I've taken a minimalistic approach towards life. One of the first areas I've started with, was my wardrobe. According to Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author, she says, "You keep the things that bring you joy." And get rid of the rest. I also carry the mindset 'quality over quantity'! That being said, I've managed to downsize my entire wardrobe! In doing so, I found that I kept a lot of my accessories in the process. In my opinion, accessories such as hats, bags, shoes, belts, & jewelery, play an important role when styling an outfit. You can make a simple look go from casual, to trendy in an instant! Luckily for me, accessories don't take up too much space. I make sure that they have their own spot, because you know, they have feelings, too. For example, I placed a floating shelf against the wall in my studio where I put all of my favorite snapbacks. Now, having started off the new year with less clutter, I'm ready to take over the world! HATers be WEAR! Show us how you store your HATer collection/accessories. Make sure to hashtag #hatersnapback or #myhatercollection if you'd like for us to feature your picture on our social networking sites! We'll give you a shout out! M3GA

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