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MA-1 Hat

The original MA-1 bomber jacket was not made to be a fashion item. It had its origins most obviously hidden within it's name.

MA-1 Hat
The MA-1 jacket was originally an American military flight jacket. The jacket came into use around the 1950s. It was actually used by bomber pilots which is clearly where it got its namesake. The jacket went through improvements and was later used by general intermediate flight jacket. The jacket actually was made to replace the original leather jackets worn by the pilots of that time. Fashion later took hold of the trend with the mods, skinheads and punk movement sporting the style. Like most iconic fashion items it tends to come and go but never fully go away out of pop culture. This year has seen the comeback of the MA-1. Since we are not a jacket company we obviously made a hat interpretation of the MA-1. We tried our best to honor the traditional MA-1 material and look but in a snapback form. It should be out within a few days. -Adrian

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