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Fashion is Self Expression

Honing one’s personal style, takes some thought...

Fashion is Self Expression

Fashion is Self Expression

If it isn’t then what else could it be? From a designer’s initial sketch of a piece, to the way a customer utilizes that piece in their outfit, fashion - and style - is all about showing the world who you are. I’ve heard many people say “Fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it.” To me that’s like saying clothes come out of the ether and magically appear on shelves.  “Fashion” is an expression of a designer’s personal style. A store full of clothes is an expression of a buyer’s personal style and that buyer’s understanding of the style of that store’s customer base. My personal style is really a mixture of all of those things and the unique qualities that make me, me!.

Honing one’s personal style, takes some thought. If you don’t understand yourself, if you don’t love yourself, if you aren’t confident about who you are, it will show through your clothing choices and believe it or not, it’s easy to see.  Who am I? What values are dear to me? What properties do I find aesthetically pleasing? What themes and styles interest me? What are my hobbies? What do I love? What makes me unique? Questions like these help to create a deeper understanding of one’s style sensibilities. From there, it becomes super easy to relate to brands and designers who share those values with you and use their style to make a new style all your own.

Nailing your personal style takes practice. It takes lifetime to develop and constantly changes according to what inspires you and what interests you in any given moment. Some days you might be feeling happy and choose to wear bright colors to express that. Another day, you may be inspired by a chic, modern look you saw on Instagram and go for an all black outfit.  They say that variety is the mother of indecision, but it’s also the mother of creativity. Once you understand your personal style, it’s easy to create the looks that say powerfully, “This is me.” the moment you set foot into a room.

That’s what makes HATer such a great brand. We never stop trying new things. We’re constantly crafting new designs, using new materials, creating new  looks inspired by, well… you. We love what you love. We do what you do. We’re regular people who love fashion, just like you. You’ll find a thread of passion and inspiration in every one of our designs. Designs so plentiful that there’s sure to be one that suits your personal style, no matter where your inspiration at the moment lies. As your personal style develops, we’ll be right there, popping out design after design, to inspire and inspired by… you.

Written by: Cushi Ming


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