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An Ode to The HATer

A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over...A piece of magic is a hat." (Martha Sliter)

An Ode to The HATer

Honestly, I was never really one for hats let alone snapbacks, but after I received two of my HATers in the mail last month: The Pinstripe "H" Structured Snapback and the "H" Diamond Cap, I think I was converted.

The diamond shaped embroidery had me feeling like a princess and the small leather "H" patch planted in pinstripes was clearly made for my namesake. The quality is amazing; boasting designs made from cotton all the way to velour and silk. And if that wasn't luxe enough for you, the adjustable straps come with the company’s signature gold-plated closure that keeps your HATer fitting more like a glove.

That's when it hit me; HATers aren't just any other hat, they're in a class all their own. Marked by their innovative materials, heavy usage of metal hardware and bold patterning, a true Hater speaks for itself. Hats protect you from the elements but a HATer's practicality never outshines their statement making ability. You can dress them up or down, wearing it for a night on the town or just to go for a walk. Whatever the occasion, HATers have you covered, literally. How could you go wrong with the ultimate accessory? With so many styles to choose from, everyone can be a HATer person!

Written by Hannah Rose Prendergast

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