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5 Tips for Honing Your Personal Style

Take this as an opportunity and give these tips a try. You’re guaranteed to see results.

5 Tips for Honing Your Personal Style

5 Tips for Honing Your Personal Style

Fashion has become more important than ever. With mainstream media gaining deeper and deeper penetration, people are becoming inspired by fashion trends seen on the celebrities they love. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and even Snapchat are making fashion more accessible by literally placing it in the palms of our hands. Fast fashion brands are making designer inspired styles and putting them on their shelves at lightning speed for really low prices. Fashion is more accessible than ever and you’re expected to have some kind of idea about how to use it. With so much social pressure to look good, people who in the past wouldn’t have given a style upgrade a first thought, let alone a second, are now scouring the internet, buying fashion magazines and even seeking out the help of fashion pros in order to improve their personal style.

Truth is, it’s a good thing. Improving your style is a great way to boost confidence, increase creativity and just feel better. It’s a truly rewarding feeling to gaze into a mirror and see a well-dressed you staring back. Like mirrors, your personal style is just a reflection of you. It echoes your likes and dislikes and often speaks the way you feel before you even utter a word. With all these things considered, it’s easy to see that investing some effort, time and moolah (of course) into beefing up your wardrobe is a great idea. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you set out on the adventure of improving your personal style.

1. Be Authentic.

As mentioned, your style is a reflection of you. Have a strong idea about the things you like in a general sense, and look for ways to tie them to fashion. If you like the great outdoors, for example, try picking dressing in earth toned colors like browns and greens. Do you support a sports team? Incorporate jerseys and other team swag into your wardrobe.

Choose brands and styles that speak to your personal values. If you’re an eco friendly person, there are tons of brands out there using environmentally safe production methods. Use elements from your culture by incorporating traditional pieces into an outfit, like an African dashiki or native American prints. These are just a few ideas, but there are endless ways to let the authentic you shine through with your personal style.

2. Step Outside Your Box.

Now that you’ve established the concepts that reflect your authenticity, the next step is to throw all that away and do something completely random… I’m kidding… unless that’s your idea of being authentic. The next tip is to go outside the box. We hear this concept so much it’s almost boring, but what does it really mean? In short, we all live in a teeny tiny little box known as our comfort zone. Inside this comfort zone, everything is familiar, easy and doesn’t require much risk. You feel safe and sound inside the walls of your box. The thing about life, and fashion, is that growth actually starts where the comfort zone ends. In short, you can’t actually get better at something by staying inside your box.

So how do you get out of your box? Well, that’s simple. Buy the clothes you like without questioning yourself. Too often we limit the development of our personal style because we don’t buy that thing we liked. Excuses like “I’m not sure if it’s ‘me’” or, “It isn’t a piece I’d get much wear out of” take the excitement out of fashion. You like it for a reason. Pick it up, buy it and then proceed to tip number three.

3. If You Like it, Wear It.

So, you bought that thing that was outside of your comfort zone, hey? I know what you’re thinking now… “time to lock it away, look at it from time and say “I’m never going to wear this thing!” Right? Wrong. If you want to improve your fashion sense and personal style, this is perhaps the most important thing to do. Wear the clothes. Something in your closet you haven’t worn in six months? Pull it out and wear it. Not sure how to wear that really cool piece you got last summer? Pull it out and find a way to rock it.

Fashion is about taking risks. Most people tend to worry about how they’ll be perceived if they wear a particular piece. Truth is, you might have a few haters, but most people are going to look at you like a god. The majority of the world are afraid of fashion and they’ll bow their heads to someone who is brave enough to go outside of the norm, because the truth is, they all want to do that too! It’s up to you to carry the torch for those who are not yet brave enough to conquer their personal style, and the way you do it is by showing them that it’s ok to wear what you like to wear. I’m not saying to go around dressed inappropriately. Those of us who’ve nailed our style know that dressing for the occasion is an essential part of understanding fashion. What I am saying is to be brave and actually wear the clothes that you want to wear.

4. Own a Few Staples.

Fashion isn’t only about going outside of the box though. There are times where you’ll want to put on something quick and easy to take on the less exciting aspects of life, like running errands. This is where having staples comes into play. Staples are core pieces of clothing that are basic in style and (relatively) neutral in color. The point is that they are easy and they go with everything. The two most important things to keep in mind when purchasing your staples are quality and fit. It’s ok to spend a little extra money on your staples because they’ll be worn more than your other clothes and you’ll want them to last longer.

A few staples to consider for men women are: faded blue jeans, black jeans, khaki pants, white t-shirts, black t-shirts, white collared shirt, denim jacket, leather jacket and a pair of white sneakers, brown shoes and black shoes. With these in your wardrobe, you’ll be unstoppable. You can even wear any combination of any of them for a can’t-go-wrong classic look.

5. Have Fun!

Fashion shouldn’t be a burden. If you’ve decided to tackle your personal style, remember to have fun while doing it. It’s a great process for getting to know yourself and you get to treat yourself to some new things! Who doesn’t want that!? You’ll be doing a lot of shopping so invite one of your fashionable friends along for the fun. Share opinions and ideas and have your mind open to even more possibilities.

We live in a time where looking good is essential. Like it or not, people are taking notice of what you wear. People like employers, friends and of course, members of the opposite sex. With the accessibility of fashion at an all time high, it’s a time to hone your sense of style. Spring is almost here, so you’ll be needing new pieces soon anyway. Take this as an opportunity and give these tips a try. You’re guaranteed to see results.

Written by: Cushi Ming

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