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My Little 4.20 Rant ...


Marijuana legalization has been on the radar of so many of us in North America. With so many states in the USA taking the first steps, despite the federal government refusal to make it federal law. Even Washington DC itself has followed suit.

I'm in Canada and it seems like we might be one of the few countries in the world where it will soon be legal countrywide. I know many of you might question the morals of marijuana use as a recreational drug. I'm not here to argue for or against the moral perspective. I will ask you this: Is there a chance that this drug might be able to help someone with an illness that no other drug can safely help them with? Some doctors say more than just a small chance. Even if that chance was 1%, do we as a society prevent that help from being possible for fear of the potential abuse the drug can have on others?I'm being preachy today.

I guess this is my little 4.20 rant as a non-user who doesn't feel the need to ban a plant. Instead of just being a stoner, let's celebrate those who fought to save a few lives or make a few better today with this plant. Happy 4.20

Written By: Adrian Gariba

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